7 Jump Rope Techniques to Level Up Your Workout

7 Jump Rope Techniques to Level up Your Workout

If you’ve never considered jumping rope for exercise before, just know... you’re missing out!  Jumping rope will increase coordination, speed & endurance plus it will work out your entire body & give you a flat stomach, toned legs & a nice a**.

We recommend starting off with a basic, speed jump rope that allows you to adjust the length according to your height.  

Challenge Yourself -  Once you’ve mastered jumping rope with a speed jump rope, turn your workouts up a notch with a weighted jump rope.  Doing so will amp up your workout, allowing you to build strength while promoting weight loss.  Start off with light weight, increasing the weight as your level of fitness & stamina improves.

1.  Basic Jump 

How to:  The basic jump is fairly easy and perfect for beginners who are just learning how to jump rope.  It requires two feet, jumping together in an up/down motion and landing lightly on the balls of the feet. Once the basic jump has become too easy for you, try increasing the jumps per skip for an added challenge.

2.  Side To Side Jump

How to: The side to side jump requires two feet, jumping together in a left/right (or right/left) motion. Once you’re comfortable with short side to side jumps, try long side to side jumps to increase your range of motion.

3.  Forward/Backward Jump

How to: The forward/backward jump requires two feet, jumping together in a front/back motion.  Once your confident with short jumps, try long jumps.

4.  Alternating Leg Jump

How to:  Improve your balance with alternating leg jumps.  This motion requires jumping on your left foot with your right foot slightly raised, after one jump place your right leg down and slight raise your left foot.  Continue the exercise by alternating back and forth between both legs.

5.  Single Leg Jump

How to: The single leg jump will add an extra kick to your workout.  To complete this move, hop on one foot with the other leg bent at the knee behind you for several hops then alternate legs & repeat.  Once your comfortable with this move,  try completing the single leg jump in a back/forth or left/right motion to give your legs some extra burn.

6.  Side Straddle Jump

How to:  To complete this motion begin standing with your legs together & bring both legs apart as you jump.  On the next jump, bring them back together.  Continue the exercises by continuing to separate & join the legs.

7.  Scissors Jump

How to: To complete this motion, bring your right leg forward & left leg back as you jump. On the following jump, quickly switch your right leg backward & left leg forward.  Continue the exercise by alternating back & forth between legs. 

Now that we've given you some new jump rope techniques to add to your routine, start practicing them and stay tuned for our upcoming blog post that will provide you with a full jump rope workout!

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