How to Declutter Your Closet

How to Declutter Your Closet

Want to declutter your wardrobe and clean up room in your closet for the new year?  We've come up with 8 reasons to toss an item & tips on how to complete your closet clean out project.  Read below for the 411:

1.  You don't love it anymore

If you hold up a piece and the first thought that comes to your mind isn't "Omg, I love this so much" - toss it.  Don't start wondering if you might someday love it again, just toss it and make room for pieces that you actually do love & can't bare to part ways with.

2.  You love it a little too much..and a little too often

If you're constantly reaching for an item because you love it so much that you're getting bored of it, get rid of it.  Yes, even if you may still like it!  Why, you ask?  Because...are you really being fair to all of the other clothes in your wardrobe who are getting little to no attention?!  If the answer is no - then it was fun while it lasted but its time to add some new items to your style rotation.

3.  You haven't worn it all year

Those pieces are taking up prime real estate in that closet of yours - So If you haven't worn them at all in the past year then chances are you never will, toss them.

4.  It doesn't fit you

You know those pieces that would look awesome if you were a slightly different version of you?  The dress that would fit if you could just drop 10 pounds or the jeans that would look great if your booty was just a few inches bigger?!  Keep it simple, if it doesn't fit you just get rid of it.

5.  NWT or Never Worn

Ok, so it was on sale or you didn't try it on until you got home and just never got around to returning it, we get it.  Fast forward to now - weeks, months or years later and there it is...sitting in your closet untouched, never worn and treated like an unwanted step child.  Spare yourself the what ifs and toss it.

6.  It was so pricey, you feel guilty getting rid of it

That $700 gorgeous pair of heels that you just had to have but only wore a handful of times because they're so painful you've considered burning them?  Yup, been there.  Part ways with those luxe pieces, take your losses and sell the item to make some of your money back.

7.  It needs another item to complete an outfit

Do you have a section of your closet purely devoted to the impulse buys that caught your eye at the moment but you never wore because you just don't own anything else that would look good with it?!  Don't feel guilty, we all do.  So we urge you now...make that decision.  Either go all in and buy the matching item within a set period of time (1-2 weeks) or toss this piece.

8.  Trendy or out of style

If an item was trendy at one point but is dated and out of style now, its ship has sailed...get rid of it.  

Tips for a quick & pain free closet cleaning project

1.  Decide if you want to declutter your closet in one day to get it over and done with or if you want to break it up by categories (tops, sweaters, bottoms, etc.) to complete on different days.

2.  Grab snacks and a drink, you're in for a long day - think 3-8 hours, depending on your wardrobe size.

3.  Invite a friend over or throw on some music to make the process a little more fun and a little less painful.

4.  If you're completing your project in one day, take your entire wardrobe out of your closet and pile it onto your bed - yes...we're serious.  The idea is to not procrastinate and get straight to work on clearing through the pile as quickly as possible before bedtime.  If you're completing your project over a period of time, take out all of the items in the category of the day (sweaters, jeans, etc.) and pile those on to your bed.

5.  Make 4 piles:  Maybe, donate, sell, throw away

6.  After you've gone through all of your items, go over your maybe pile to make your final decision.

7.  Follow the one in one out rule.  Every time that you buy one new item, select one item to donate, sell or toss.

Bonus Tip: Stop shopping for trends and start shopping for your statement items-whatever that statement may be.  Meaning - stay true to your personal style and only shop for high quality pieces that suit your personality, look and body type just right - that way you will always feel comfortable wearing them.  Plus, you'll start to build a capsule collection of long lasting pieces that you genuinely love.

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