Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is Quadpay?

QuadPay is an installment payment platform that offers you the option to shop now and pay for your purchase later in 4 interest-free installments automatically billed from your debit or credit card once every 2 weeks.

2.  How do I use Quadpay?

Using Quadpay is easy!  You can sign up while you checkout at  At checkout, select Quadpay as your payment method.  You will be directed to the Quadpay website to register and provide your payment details.  If you've used Quadpay before, simply log in to your Quadpay account to complete your order.

3.  Who can use Quadpay?

In order to have an account with QuadPay, you must:

Live in the US

Be at least 18 years old

Have a valid and verifiable mobile number

Use a US credit or debit card to make a purchase

4.  What information does Quadpay ask for?

QuadPay will ask for your name, address, date of birth, a US mobile number, and a US debit or credit card for sign up. Additionally, QuadPay requires a mobile phone number and text message verification to get started instead of having a traditional username and password.

5.  How does the payment schedule work?

Quadpay requires all customers to pay 25% of the purchase amount at the time of checkout.  The remaining three payments will be billed automatically, every two weeks from the first payment date.

6.  Is there a limit on how much I can on a single transaction using Quadpay?

QuadPay does not approve every order and assesses each transaction individually before approval.  QuadPay considers a variety of factors to determine approvals and spend limits. If you are a repeat purchaser and have made all of your repayments on time, you will likely receive a higher limit than someone who is a new customer.

For further information, please visit Quadpay.

7.  Are there late fees?

If funds are not available at the time that the automatic payment is due, Quadpay will charge you a $7 fee.  If the payment has not been made within 7 days, Quadpay reserves the right to charge an additional $7 fee.  The maximum that Quadpay will ever charge for an individual order is $14.

8.  When will items be delivered if I use Quadpay?

Quadpay orders are delivered within the same timeframes available for any order from  Free standard shipping is available for US orders over $100.

Visit our Shipping Page for more information. 

9.  Can I use another form of payment with Quadpay?

Yes, you can use a The Modern Minx e-gift card with Quadpay to pay for your purchase.

10.  What products are not eligible for purchase using Quadpay?

Quadpay is not available on purchases of gift cards or e-Gift cards. If your order contains gift cards and other eligible products, you will need to purchase your gift cards separately.

11.  How do I return or exchange an item purchased using Quadpay?

Returns from The Modern Minx are refunded via store credit in the form of an E-Gift Card code. Returns do not affect your QuadPay installments, you will still need to complete your payments to QuadPay on time. 

Visit our for Return Policy page more information.

12.  Where can I find out more about Quadpay?

Visit the Quadpay website here for a comprehensive list of FAQs and check out Quadpay's Privacy Policy found here.

If you have a question about your Quadpay account please contact Quadpay using the contact form and live chat feature found here.